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ICFP 2019
Sun 18 - Fri 23 August 2019 Berlin, Germany
Thu 22 Aug 2019 09:00 - 10:00 at Aurora Borealis - Keynote Chair(s): Richard A. Eisenberg

When the Chalmers Trust called for project proposals to help form the Chalmers that we want in 10 years, I had an aha moment, and realised that we need to fix the gender gap. I eventually joined forces with a colleague from Chemical biology, and, of course, our proposal was granted, leaving us with an almost impossible task, and about 30 million dollars over ten years. We are six months into the Genie project, and this is a report on our progress, and what we have learnt so far.

I will present some of the evidence that the gender gap exists throughout academia, and needs to be fixed, as well as some information about what works, and how to overcome the inevitable resistance. Gender equality in computer science seems to be a particularly hard nut to crack. I hope to trigger discussion about how we can collaborate to speed up progress.

Slides with links to further resources (HaskellKeynoteFinal.pdf)6.14MiB

Thu 22 Aug

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