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ICFP 2019
Sun 18 - Fri 23 August 2019 Berlin, Germany
Tue 20 Aug 2019 15:20 - 15:43 at Aurora Borealis - Dependent Types in Haskell Chair(s): Joachim Breitner

Recent versions of the Haskell compiler GHC have a number of advanced features that allow many idioms from dependently typed programming to be encoded. We describe our experiences using this "dependently typed Haskell'' to construct a performance-critical library that is a key component in a number of verification tools. We have discovered that it can be done, and it brings significant value, but also at a high cost. In this experience report, we describe the ways in which programming at the edge of what is expressible in Haskell’s type system has brought value, the difficulties that it has imposed, and some of the ways we coped with the difficulties.

Tue 20 Aug
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15:20 - 16:30: Research Papers - Dependent Types in Haskell at Aurora Borealis
Chair(s): Joachim BreitnerDFINITY Foundation
icfp-2019-papers15:20 - 15:43
David Thrane ChristiansenGalois, USA, Iavor DiatchkiGalois, Inc., Robert DockinsGalois, Inc., Joe HendrixGalois, Inc., Tristan RavitchGalois, Inc.
icfp-2019-papers15:43 - 16:06
Stephanie WeirichUniversity of Pennsylvania, USA, Pritam ChoudhuryUniversity of Pennsylvania, Antoine VoizardUniversity of Pennsylvannia, Richard A. EisenbergBryn Mawr College, USA
icfp-2019-papers16:06 - 16:30
Csongor KissImperial College London, Tony FieldImperial College London, Susan EisenbachImperial College London, Simon Peyton JonesMicrosoft, UK