FHPNC 2019
Sun 18 - Fri 23 August 2019 Berlin, Germany
co-located with ICFP 2019
Conference Editions
Sun 18 - Fri 23 August 2019 Berlin, Germany

FHPNC 2019 with ICFP 2019

The ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Functional High-Performance and Numerical Computing aims to bring together researchers and practitioners exploring or employing the use of functional or declarative programming languages or techniques in scientific computing, and specifically in the domains of high-performance computing and numerical programming. The purpose of the meeting is to enable sharing of results ...

Sun 23 - Sat 29 September 2018 St. Louis, Missouri, United States

FHPC 2018 with ICFP 2018

The Workshop on Functional High-Performance Computing will be held on Saturday, September 29th, after ICFP’18 (24th-26th) and the Haskell Symposium and various workshops (27th-28th), in St. Louis, MO, USA

Thu 7 Sep 2017 Oxford, United Kingdom

FHPC 2017 with ICFP 2017

UPDATE: artifact submission extended to 30st of June 2017 – submission open at https://icfp-fhpc17aec.hotcrp.com/ This year FHPC provides authors the opportunity to submit for evaluation any artifacts that accompany their papers. The dissemination of artifacts promotes reproducibility, and enables authors to build on top of each others’ work, while it can also help to more unambiguously resolve questions about ...

Thu 22 Sep 2016 Nara, Japan

FHPC 2016 with ICFP 2016

The 5th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Functional High-Performance Computing workshop aims at bringing together researchers exploring uses of functional (or more generally, declarative or high-level) programming technology in application domains where high performance is essential. The aim of the meeting is to enable sharing of results, experiences, and novel ideas about how high-level, declarative specifications of com ...